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Mini Bridge

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Jill and Dave started their bridge career at roughly the same time, Dave in Derby and Jill in Brighton, in the early 70’s.

Their paths crossed when Dave and his late wife Lynn moved to Brighton and joined the Avenue Bridge Club.

They have now played bridge together in many countries, including Ireland, Malta, France, The Netherlands and the U. S. A.

Dave has been teaching bridge for many years and has been an E. B. U. Tournament director.

Jill together with Sarah Mitchell, sadly no longer with us,  set up Bridge Bug which started as a weekly supervised practice session aimed at those many players that play behind closed doors.

When Dave joined Bridge Bug and started introducing his students to the club things went from strength to strength acting as a stepping stone to move players from lessons to the real world of bridge.

Bridge Bug @ The avenue celebrated 25 years in 2018 and closed a few months later when Jill & Dave moved to the much undiscovered Northumberland.

Remember that the Bridge Bug says, “Happy partners play better.”

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