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Mini Bridge

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We are providing 2 hours lesson slots on-line for people at all stages of learning. If you can get a four together contact us

One thing that we guarantee at Bridge Bug is that if you learn with us you will have a nice time

Each lesson consists on an online session using Zoom and playing a set of hands prepared for that topic.

You will get get lesson notes provided by e-mail all for £5.00

Bridge Bug is open for business

We will shortly be organising a supervised practice session where players can ask about help with the bidding and they play the hand competitively. In these sessions you will not change opponents so that you can sit with your friends. A 16 board session and an annotated hand record and an optional Zoom session afterwards to discuss the hands. See more on the supervised practice page

Coming soon - supervised practice

Supervised Practice Enquiry Form

If you complete this form we will send you instructions on how to register and use RealBridge